Kirouk Firehammer

Dwarf Cleric of the Forge


Standing at 4’5” and weighing in at 180lbs, Kirouk is a fairly averaged height dwarf, but is considerably heavier that most other dwarves, owing to the massive muscle in his shoulders and arms built up of being a smith constantly for over 200 years. To show his age, he has long, iron grey hair and beard, both of which are intricately braided, oiled, and meticulously cared for. His skin has been scorched to a tan over years of hot work by the forge, and seems to be constantly dirty on his face, hands, and arms where soot seems to have stained his skin. As a Cleric of the Allfather, Kirouk travels in intricate plate armor he designed, with gear augmented joints and a helmet with a piston controlled faceplate, a warhammer, and a shield. Both the hammer and shield have the Allfather’s symbol, a hammer and anvil, and the Firehammer Crest, a flaming smith’s hammer, carved into the faces. He wears a plain grey travelers cloak to help keep weather off while he is traveling, with his pack strapped to the back of his armor.


Kirouk Firehammer backstory

Kirouk is loud spoken and honest. While he has no interest in international politics, leaving those to his older brother and current head of the Clan, Syn Firehammer, Kirouk has a great affinity for drinking beer and anything related to smithing or tinkering, topics on which he will talk for hours to anyone listening. As a famous Dwarven smith, he is always surprised when his name hasn’t heard of and will to as much as he can to “educate” listeners on his feats and greatness. When he thinks he is being challenged for the hammer, he will announce his intention and challenge at the top of his voice before wading into what he considers “honorable and glorious combat”. As a dwarf, Kirouk is very much a firm believer in honor and fairness, and is distrustful of what he considers to be “sneakers and skullduggery”, being creatures or people that are stealthy and seek to hide their true intentions. Kirouk’s goal is to find someone worth to wield Ulol Keshan and to increase his fame as a master blacksmith.

As the second-born of seven of the Firehammer clan of the Iron Pact, Kirouk was sent to Ishtek at a young age to train as a Cleric for the Allfather. He distinguished himself, impressing his duties in proper service to the god, and showed a high level of skill in the forge, smithing weapons and armor of high quality. His devotion and skill at the forge earned him a place as a guard on the Mithral Doors sealing in the primeval being, where he guarded for 50 years before the clock war. At the breakout of the Clock War, due to familial connections and personal aptitude, Kirouk was assigned to the Soul Forge and assisted with the initial creation of the Warforged. A few of the awakened war forged still bear his personal crest somewhere on their person. During the Clock War, when the soul forge went dark, he moved to Thyrn, and set up at the Dragon Anvil, assisting the war effort with high quality arms and armor, gaining more renown as a legendary blacksmith. After the war ended, Kirouk opened up a small side shop in the Grand Forge, taking only choice clients for commissioned projects, and providing assistance for the younger smiths in the Grand Forge. He was commissioned to make a Warhammer that surpassed all others by a wealthy human that was traveling through. Upon completion of the Hammer, Kirouk realized that the human had less than pure intention and was not worthy to wield such a magnificent creation. During the ensuing argument, Kirouk was attacked and struck down the human with the hammer. Knowing that it, named Ulol Keshan (Last Flame) was not meant for him, Kirouk left his shop in the hands of his daughter Sildrewynn, and began packing for a journey. Kirouk has left Thyrn and now travels searching for the person who can best him in combat and is worth to wield the hammer. After roaming between Hyguard and Katovka searching for someone of worth, Kirouk approached the Expedition Knights, as he figured that a famous mercenary company would need a skilled smith, and would provide access to a large number of potentially worthy wielders for Ulol Keshan.

Kirouk Firehammer

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