Jubal Early

Razorclaw Shifter, Gunsliger - Fighter, Lawful Evil


Jubal Early is the contract coordinator for the Hyguard City Branch of the Expedition Knights. In this capacity, he allocates new jobs to guild members and insures that each mission the Expedition Knights have gained a contract for, is given to the team best suited for the job.

Jubal is the quintessential gentleman bounty hunter. He enjoys finery and has an air of aristocracy. He has dedicated himself to creating order by bringing down criminals and bounties. Jubal believes that by killing the scum of the world, he is making it a better place. In order for a machine to function properly the rust must be cleaned from the cogs and gears.


Jubal Early was born as Silanius Sharpe to a small clan of Razorclaw Shifters in the coastal mountains near the border of Hyguard and Katovka. Trained from birth in assassination specializing in firearms, infiltration, and espionage operations, Jubal was one of three to survive to adulthood, out of a litter of fifteen children. He was trained in courtly proceedings for both Hyguard and Katovka, as the Sharpe clan were known operatives for a price, in the right circles. At the age of fifteen, the back of Jubal’s left hand was branded with the family crest, marking the end of his martial training, and the beginning of his apprenticeship. For five years, he travelled across the realms, acting as a gunsmith apprentice, to a related razorclaw, while assisting with assassinations and building an informant network.
Jubal returned to the mountain fastness at the age of twenty, prepared to start a life of service to the clan. He had been followed, and in the middle of the night, on his first night back, he was drugged, and the family was attacked. When he awoke, he found the entire clan had been slaughtered and dismembered in the central training hall, with their blood used to draw a massive demonic symbol, faintly smoldering, on the wall. He remembers very little about his flight from the villa, taking only his cloak, kit, and his father’s magic quiver before fleeing with the sight of the bloody sigil burned into his mind.

Eventually, Jubal made his way south, to larger cities, and began to use his current name, as a method to distance himself from the Clan reputation and enemies, and to forge a new way for himself. He wore a long black duster, over a suit and top hat, with black suede gloves to hide his brand.

He began hunting bounties, first as a means of survival, before it became a passion. His upbringing had given him a rigid moral code and a casualness about human life that seemed to suit his new profession very well, although he never let himself get carried away, to become those he hunted. While tracking a bounty who had stolen an airship, he ran into a Gnome and warforged automaton, joining their band on adventures, his past life wholly behind him, he thought, until he saw the same demonic symbol burned into the pavement outside the Scarlet Rose.

Jubal Early

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