Farron "Bloodeye" Alva

Human, Fighter/Pact of the Blade Warlock, Lawful Neutral


Farron “Bloodeye” Alva is dependable and very committed to his team and crew. He believes very strongly in fairness, Everyone works, everyone shares the rewards. In order to redeem himself for leaving his old captain to be killed, he has become courageous to a fault and if his courage is ever questioned, he will never back down, no matter how dangerous the situation. When revenge isn’t on his mind, he is calm, confident, and a charming, although he won’t hesitate to use magic to influence people if he deems it necessary, consequences be damned. Farron fights mainly in chain mail, with a glaive, but his pact with the devil has given him the ability to change his weapon to anything that suits the occasion.


Farron Alva worked as a First Mate on the Neisinger Company Merchant Airship “Night Flyer”, transporting rare and exotic goods to Hyguard City from all over the world. On one such routine flight, the Night Flyer was attacked and forced to land on a deserted island by a pirate ship, The Flying Dragon. The pirate captain, James Flynt proceeded to kill the captain, and officers, and captured the crew to sell into slavery. Farron escaped by jumping overboard and was marooned on the island for five days, praying to every god he could think of for rescue, and vengeance. On the fifth day, his prayers were answered, not by Mechanis, or even the Light, but Asmodeus, Duke of Nessus and Lord of the Nine Hells. Asmodeus and Farron made a pact, and the Devil assisted his escape from the island. As a mark of the new pact, Farron was branded with the symbol of Asmodeus over his heart, a stylized ruby rod, and his iris’ turned a deep, blood red, earning him the nickname “Bloodeye”. Upon returning to Hyguard, Farron began to secretly train in his new pact-gained abilities, leaving the Neisinger Air Company’s employ to seek out Captain Flynt, and exact bloody vengeance. To pay the bills, he has taken up some mercenary work and done a contract or two for the Expedition knights in the past. Farron is currently in Prison for using mind magic to try to extract information about Captain Flynt, and getting busted by the Hand of the Sun.

Farron "Bloodeye" Alva

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