Bolaflonk Fizzletonk

Gnome Artificer


Bolaflonk Fizzletonk is a Rock Gnome Artificer hailing from Katovka. He stand 3.14 ft tall weighing 42 lb with skin the color of moist dirt, short, jet black hair and a curling goatee. The most prominent feature is not his own appearance, but the one-of-a-kind firearm he carries that is twice as long as he is tall. This finely crafted, impressively intricate rifle is surprisingly light and durable despite the comically long and narrow barrel surrounded by twisting tubes filled with glowing blue aether. This was Bolaflonk’s first great invention and is capable of firing high velocity bullets charged with lightning energy. When fired, the bullets path is traced briefly by an arc flash followed a moment later by a thunderous boom; hence the name thunder cannon.

Perhaps even more eye-catching than his thunder cannon is Bolaflonk’s latest and greatest invention, the quad-thopter. This invention is a personal flying craft designed and built by Bolaflonk himself which is propelled by four buzzing, iridescent, film thin wings which are attached to a long, sleek, metallic central hull. Designed only for small pilots, this craft has superb control and maneuverability. When straddling the control seat in the center, Bolaflonk is surrounded by a shimmering blue bubble of energy. This cockpit provides a secure platform from which he can shoot his thunder cannon with incredible accuracy from a great distance. The appearance of this whole contraption is like that of a large metal dragonfly. The thopter is most effective when piloted by Bolaflonk’s expert skills, but it is also installed with an atomatonical intelligence system allowing for automatic piloting and basic speech control. Bolaflonk affectionately refers to his craft as Ham, short for HAMSPAT, and acronym for High Aerial Maneuverability Single Pilot Augmenting Thopter.

Aside from his inventing, Bolaflonk’s passions include cooking, brewing, drinking, and most of all reading. Bolaflonk became an avid reader of all content printed on parchment of any kind. He picked up this obsession during a period of more than a decade in which he was forced to research constantly as an artificer’s apprentice. In his free time, Bolaflonk will always have his nose buried in a new book wearing his thick, oversized spectacles. It’s always struck him as ironic that bolaflonk can bulls-eye a swamp rat form 500 feet away without a scope, but can’t read a word right in front of his face without his spectacles. Isolation from the world outside the eccentric gnomish community he calls home and a preference for books over friends has left Bolaflonk quite socially awkward. Despite the immense knowledge gained from his studies, he has a difficult time communicating coherently about any subject, especially those he gets excited about.


Young, for a Gnome, Bolaflonk has just recently ventured out into the world for the first time. Being born around the start of the Clock War meant that Bolaflonk war raised in the greatest era of technological innovation Katovka had ever seen. The construction of automatons, explosives, and firearms is all he has ever really known. He lived in a tight knit community of gnomes in the district known as Sprocket Town of the Dwarven capital city, Thryn. Bolaflonk’s father, a respected inventor, was killed by an explosion as a result of his own research while Bolaflonk was still a baby. Despite this tragedy, Bolaflonk dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps, and thus found himself in the apprenticeship of a gnomish artificer, Bewwy Wobblenob. Bewwy was intelligent, but demanding. He forced Bolaflonk to work long hours researching all subjects science, engineering, and sometimes magic. All this hard work paid off in the end as Bolaflonk grew into a capable artificer and has created many impressive inventions of his own such as the thunder cannon and quad-thopter.

When Bewwy died of old age less than one year ago, he left Bolaflonk a note describing ancient artifacts of magical that were once known but have been forgotten in the age of steam. The note poses a question: “Where did all the magic items go?”. Bolaflonk has resolved to set out on a quest to find answers to this question. With little knowledge of the world, the first place he thought to start his search is the human city of Hygaurd. His reason being, that they must have an enormous amount of books to read. After many days travel by thopter, Bolaflonk finally set eyes on the spectacular sight of the human capital. The palace in particular was far more magnificent than it had seemed in the stories he had heard. Impulsively, he flew in fast to get a closer look, but to his dismay, his craft was forced down and he forcibly arrested by the palace guards. Apparently, the airspace above the palace is a “prohibited” zone controlled by the military. Bolaflonk pleaded for his freedom but for some inconceivable reason, his crime warranted his incarceration for an indeterminate amount of time.

Bolaflonk Fizzletonk

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