“Progress! It is progress that pushes a nation forward and brings about prosperity for it’s people. It has been twenty-five years since the end of the Clock War and the signing of the Emerald Treaty. Though that terrible war ravaged our country and our neighbors, the technology created in our time of need has lead to unparalleled advances in travel, science and the security and prosperity of our people. This is a shining age of mechanical wonder and revolution of Industry. Magic and the archaic thinking of mages has been replaced with a focus on mechanical physics and the power of natural resources. We have truly entered an Age of Steam.”

- Queen Victoria Hybarr

Age of Steam is a homebrew campaign setting that combines the High Fantasy adventure of traditional Dungeons and Dragons with a focus on the science-fiction and swashbuckling action of the Steampunk genre to create a unique Gaslamp Fantasy campaign setting.

Age of Steam

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